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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk Client Installation


Speagle, Andy wrote:
% Or... do I have to keep doing a 'yum localinstall rhn-client-tools' to %
find out what dependencies I'm missing and grab them manually one at a %
time? What a pain in the neck.  I started doing this then figured it %
might be an exercise of futility on my part.  It might be easier to %
mirror the repositories locally so I don't have to play the dependency %
game... but that would defeat one of the reasons I wanted to use %
spacewalk in the first place.

As for initial client package installation you can mirror client repo from
http://spacewalk.redhat.com/yum/ under your spacewalk:/var/www/html/pub
which is publicly accessible via http://spacewalk/pub.
And then create /etc/yum.repos.d/spacewalk-client-pub.repo on client

name=Spacewalk Client Tools

This sounds like something for which the "bootstrap" script was designed.  On your Spacewalk server, take a look at this in:

/var/www/html/pub/bootstrap/bootstrap.sh (I believe this is where it is by default).

This script helps to quickly get existing systems registered and configured to use your Spacewalk server.  It requires relatively minimal customization for your environment.

Andy Speagle
System & Storage Administrator
UCATS - Wichita State University

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I am following this email trail and looked to see what the bootstrap.sh file contain. On a new SW 1.2 server this file does not exist.
It contains these files
client_config_update.py  client_config_update.pyc  client_config_update.pyo

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