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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk, Foreman, and Puppet ?

On 07/06/2011 07:36 AM, Tom Brown wrote:
Given that RedHat Satellite is planning to use Foreman and Puppet,
is there any available information about implementing them in together
Spacewalk ?

I'd like to correct this statement.

Red Hat is not planning to have Satellite use Foreman and Puppet.

Red Hat is planning on having CloudForms use Foreman and Puppet.

As such, there is nothing implementing them together in Spacewalk.

Right now the 'glue' for Puppet and Foreman is built into Foreman's own support today. We will build on top of this into the Katello project - http://katello.org/ . Today Katello provides integration with Pulp (content) and Candlepin (Entitlement). The Katello project is still in progress and changing rapidly. Katello will be the upstream for the WebUI & API within the CloudForms System Engine component of CloudForms.

All I see in the lists and docs talks about Cobbler as opposed to Foreman.

and .... What happens to spacewalk when Satellite moves over to System Engine?

Satellite does not move over to CloudForms (*). To quote what I wrote in a reply on spacewalk-devel list in early May 2011:

" Red Hat is committed to continue to sponsor Spacewalk. Red Hat will continue to be actively involved in Spacewalk, contributing code upstream, as RHN Satellite today continues to be Red Hat's primary systems management solution for managing the life cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for traditional data centers. Over time our contributions though will go down as we approach the End of Life for Satellite 5.x for our customers. "


* CloudForms is the product name. CloudForms System Engine is a subcomponent of CloudForms which provides System Management aspects, similar to today's Satellite product.
 - CloudForms Cloud Engine - Manage and do things with cloud
- CloudForms Application Engine - Define and build complex images for applications to deploy into your cloud. - CloudForms Systems Engine - Manage your systems running in Cloud as well as traditional Systems Management aspects of your environment.

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