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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk, Foreman, and Puppet ?

Thanks for the clarification.  I was going off of this: <http://www.redhat.com/summit/2011/presentations/summit/whats_next/thursday/summit-2011.warner_sanders_t_1400_future_of_satellite-v5.pdf>

I went back and re-read it slower and saw the references to CloudForms.

I have seen multiple references to combining puppet and cobbler.  When I saw the referenced document describe Foreman as "Cobbler on steroids", I made my own conclusions.

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----- Cliff Perry <cperry redhat com> wrote:
> On 07/06/2011 07:36 AM, Tom Brown wrote:
> >> Given that RedHat Satellite is planning to use Foreman and Puppet,
> >> is there any available information about implementing them in together
> >> Spacewalk ?
> >>
> I'd like to correct this statement.
> Red Hat is not planning to have Satellite use Foreman and Puppet.
> Red Hat is planning on having CloudForms use Foreman and Puppet.
> As such, there is nothing implementing them together in Spacewalk.
> Right now the 'glue' for Puppet and Foreman is built into Foreman's own 
> support today. We will build on top of this into the Katello project - 
> http://katello.org/ . Today Katello provides integration with Pulp 
> (content) and Candlepin (Entitlement). The Katello project is still in 
> progress and changing rapidly. Katello will be the upstream for the 
> WebUI & API within the CloudForms System Engine component of CloudForms.
> >> All I see in the lists and docs talks about Cobbler as opposed to Foreman.
> >
> > and .... What happens to spacewalk when Satellite moves over to System Engine?
> Satellite does not move over to CloudForms (*). To quote what I wrote in 
> a reply on spacewalk-devel list in early May 2011:
> " Red Hat is committed to continue to sponsor Spacewalk. Red Hat will 
> continue to be actively involved in Spacewalk, contributing code 
> upstream, as RHN Satellite today continues to be Red Hat's primary 
> systems management solution for managing the life cycle of Red Hat 
> Enterprise Linux for traditional data centers. Over time our 
> contributions though will go down as we approach the End of Life for 
> Satellite 5.x for our customers. "
> Regards,
> Cliff
> * CloudForms is the product name. CloudForms System Engine is a 
> subcomponent of CloudForms which provides System Management aspects, 
> similar to today's Satellite product.
>   - CloudForms Cloud Engine - Manage and do things with cloud
>   - CloudForms Application Engine - Define and build complex images for 
> applications to deploy into your cloud.
>   - CloudForms Systems Engine - Manage your systems running in Cloud as 
> well as traditional Systems Management aspects of your environment.
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