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[Spacewalk-list] easy way to build spacewalk?


I'm interested to hear of suggestions to save some time/hacking of
people who have built spacewalk from source.

I've been trying to build spacewalk as I want to try adding some
additions and been struggling. I've followed the instructions at
with both a Centos 6.0 machine and a F15 machine but not had any luck.
What's the easiest way of getting a development environment that 'just
works' -- if indeed that's possible?

I've got Spacewalk 1.5 running fine on F15 and Centos 6.0 with all the
updates applied and followed the instructions to the letter.

The first error I got was

   [javac] /home/user/spacewalk/java/code/internal/src/com/redhat/rhn/internal/jasper2/JspfC.java:18:
package org.apache.jasper does not exist
   [javac] import org.apache.jasper.JasperException;

which I satisfied by putting stuff what was missing in
build/build-lib/ from lib.

Then, doing ant create-webapp-dir, I got

 /home/user/spacewalk/java/buildconf/build-webapp.xml:43: Problem:
failed to create task or type for
Cause: The name is undefined.

which I gather is something to do with ant-contrib -- or basically ant
not having 'an appropriate definition for for'.

I've never used ant before, so rather than hack around with it to make
it work, is there a different set of instructions somewhere that is
more current? The wiki only makes reference to RHEL 5 and F9/10. Is it
going to work if I try it on RHEL6.1?


A Robinson

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