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Re: [Spacewalk-list] spacewalk-proxy and osad

I have the same issue as well.  Running rhn_check on the hosts behind the
proxy will work.  It just seems that osad is not able to communicate
properly.  I'm running 1.2 server and 1.3 clients/proxy still, so I was
hoping that was part of the problem.  I'm going to be starting upgrading
to 1.4, but it seems like you're already there so now my hopes are dashed.

Either way, I've not found a way to get this to work and no errors are
being logged anywhere which is not helpful.

On 2011-06-03 8:54 AM, "Baptiste AGASSE"
<baptiste agasse lyra-network com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>We have some problems with osad and spacewalk proxy.
>All boxes behind the proxy are seen as offline in osad status on
>spacewalk server, and no action assigned to these machines are picked up.
>Also, I can see in  "details => connection" section of host behind proxy,
>i can see spacewalk proxy host listed.
>We can see boxes connected on spacewalk proxy (on port 5222), the proxy
>is connected on spacewalk server (on port 5222), but we don't see any
>trafic on 5269 port from spacewalk-proxy to spacewalk server.
>we have iptables firewal between the spacewalk server and proxy and we
>opened 80,443,5222,5269 ports from proxy to spacewalk server.
>spacewalk server:
>CentOS 5.6
>spacewalk 1.4
>SElinux : Permissive
>spacewalk proxy:
>CentOS 5.6
>spacewalk proxy installed from spacewalk 1.4 repo
>SELinux: Enforcing, with spacewalk-proxy-selinux installed
>someone have the same problem ?
>Baptiste AGASSE
>Spacewalk-list mailing list
>Spacewalk-list redhat com

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