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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Need help with spacewalk

Dne 30.11.2011 11:32, Amitakhya Phukan napsal(a):
Tried. But it seems all documentation is not complete there. If someone
wants to deploy spacewalk from scratch, what all needs to be done to
manage the systems ? Also, I tried to restart the spacewalk server now.
The output is as attached. Please let me know if this makes any sense
and where I should look to correct it.

You can study:
There is a lot informations there.

> What I want to do is : Reboot and Add/Delete files in these two
> registered systems from spacewalk admin GUI interface. How do I
> achieve that ? Any help appreciated.

You need to add Provisioning entilements to those system.
Systems -> /your machine/ -> Edit These Properties -> check box Provisioning -> Update Properties


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