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[Spacewalk-list] Kickstart falling in spacewalk 1.5


i have spacewalk 1.5 installed in a machine that has fedora 15 as it OS. I have created the fedora 15 distribution in spacewalk and created the following repos (base and child ones): Fedora 15 64-bits, Fedora 15 Updates 64-bits, RPMFusion Free 64-bits, RPMFusion Free Updates 64-bits, RPMFusion NonFree 64-bits, RPMFusion NonFree Updates 64-bits and Spacewalk-Client 1.5 64-bits. I have created a minimum kickstart to install fedora. If i put the following packages to install in the kickstart


and try to use this kickstart in PXE, i get the information that some of the dependencies doesn't exit. The problem is that i confirm that all the packages are in the repos associated to the kickstart and activation key. If i remove the packages from the kickstart and use it to install in a target machine, i don't have problems when i try to "yum install" those packages after the installation (i edit yum.conf so that i have all the same repos that spacewalk uses to collect information when using spacewalk-repo-sync). Is there any log where i can try to see (in spacewalk-server) what is falling in the installation of the kickstart with the above packages?

Best regards,
André Freitas

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