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[Spacewalk-list] Unable to view packages on systems after upgrade to 1.6

I just performed an upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6. After the upgrade, I am unable to view upgrades under software for any system. I can list the packages, but when I select Upgrade, I get Internal Server Error. This is the snip out of catalina.out with the error:


2012-01-05 08:03:07,676 [TP-Processor5] ERROR com.redhat.rhn.common.db.datasource.CachedStatement - Error while processing cached statement sql: SELECT  PN.id AS id,

        PN.id AS name_id,

        lookup_evr(((latest.evr)).epoch, (latest.evr).version, (latest.evr).release) AS evr_id,

        latest.arch_id AS arch_id,

        (latest.evr).epoch AS epoch,

        (latest.evr).version AS version,

        (latest.evr).release AS release,

        PN.name AS name,

        PN.name ||'-'|| evr_t_as_vre_simple(latest.evr) || (CASE WHEN latest.arch_id IS NULL THEN '' ELSE '.' || latest.arch_label END) AS nvrea,

        PN.name ||'-'|| evr_t_as_vre_simple(PE.evr) || (CASE WHEN SP.package_arch_id IS NULL THEN '' ELSE '.' || PA.label END) AS installed_package,

        PN.id || '|' || lookup_evr((latest.evr).epoch, (latest.evr).version, (latest.evr).release)|| '|' || latest.arch_id AS id_combo

  FROM  rhnPackageName PN,

        rhnServerPackage SP

        INNER JOIN rhnPackageEVR PE on SP.evr_id = PE.id

        LEFT JOIN rhnPackageArch PA on SP.package_arch_id = PA.id,


         SELECT  P.name_id AS name_id, MAX(PE.evr) evr,

                 P.package_arch_id as arch_id, PA.label as arch_label

          FROM   rhnServerNeededCache SNC inner join

                 rhnPackage P on SNC.package_Id = P.id inner join

                 rhnPackageEVR PE on P.evr_id = PE.id inner join

                 rhnPackageArch PA on PA.id = P.package_arch_id

          WHERE  SNC.server_id = ?

       GROUP BY  P.name_id, P.package_arch_id, PA.label

       ) latest

WHERE  latest.name_id = PN.id

   AND  SP.server_id = ?

   AND  SP.name_id = PN.id

   AND  (SP.package_arch_id IS NULL OR SP.package_arch_id =

                 -- If the server has more than one package of this name installed

                 -- Then group by arch, otherwise just use whever is there

                 CASE WHEN (select 1 from rhnServerPackage sp2


                               sp2.name_id = latest.name_id and

                                sp2.server_id = ?

                                group by sp2.name_id having count(*) > 1

                        ) IS NOT NULL THEN latest.arch_id

                        ELSE SP.package_arch_id END



com.redhat.rhn.common.db.WrappedSQLException: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

Process ID: 0

Session ID: 382 Serial number: 39757





Steve Kent

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