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Re: [Spacewalk-list] kickstart profiles resetting to 3GB disk, and vibr0

> Thanks for getting back to me.  I set the values using the WebUI in
> Systems/Kickstart/Profiles.  I don't kickstart systems often, so it's
> hard to tell when they change.  I notice the changes when I attempt to
> provision a VM.  From the Systems page, I select the host (it has a
> Virtualization Platform entitlement) and go to
> Virtualization/Provisioning.  From there, I see the list of profiles
> available, and, if it has kicked in, I see all KS profile disk sizes
> set to 3GB, with bridge vibr0.  That's before I start to provision.
> That's when I have to go back into Systems/Kickstart/Profiles and
> reset them back.
>   -I

Thank you for clarification.
I've tried it and do not see any issues.

When you're on the System(Host) - Virtualization - Provisioning page with the 
available guest profiles, you may click on "Advanced Configuration", where you 
may override the "default" kickstart profile values. If overriden, they will be 
used only for current system if kickstarted. (The kickstart profile shall stay 
Cannot it be your case expecting the kickstart profile to changed? It may be a 
bit confusing.

If you will discover a bug on these pages, I'll be happy yo fix it.

Tomas Lestach
RHN Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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