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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Oracle migrating

ŚLIPEK Krzysztof wrote:
% Hello,
% I'm preparing to migrate spacewalk's oracle backend from express to full version on the other server and have a question is it good deal:
% 1.       stop all spacewalk services
% 2.       export database schema to dmp from source oracle
% 3.       import to destination oracle - database user, password,
% grants are the same
% 4.       change tnsnames.ora file in client on spacewalk server -
% maybe I can let same database sid, change database host ip address
% 5.       start spacewalk services

That's correct. If you have /etc/tnsname.ora then just update db server
hostname / port / sid there. Otherwise (i.e. instantclient style connect
string in rhn.conf, no tnsname.ora) update db_* information in

% How about changing of oracle database sid?

If you change SID just fix the content of tnsnames.ora to match your new

% Thanks for your help and best regards,
% Chris


Michael Mráka
Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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