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Re: [Spacewalk-list] ISS - check

Waldirio Manhães Pinheiro wrote:
% Hello friends
% I would like to check whit you one simple question, after configure a slave
% server, I can get a list of channels from the master and I can sync
% channels without problem.
% My doubt is, after sync the first time, I have to define the channel name ?!
% Let me explain better, I've a server master.local and slave.local, master
% have a base channel c1 and  child child_c1, in the slave I did the sync
% from base channel c1 and child child_c1 with the command bellow
% satellite-sync -c c1 -c child_c1
% after completed, I just type satellite-sync to update again and my response
% is like bellow
% [root spacewalk2 ~]# satellite-sync
% ERROR: No channels currently imported; try satellite-sync --list-channels;
% then satellite-sync -c chn0 -c chn1...
% [root spacewalk2 ~]#
% Should sync automatically for c1 and child_c1 or not ?!, talking about RHN
% Satellite works like this, but I'm not sure in SW.

Hello Waldirio,

It works only for Red Hat channels synced from Red Hat Network; not for custom channels.
In the other words it won't work in your case.


Michael Mráka
Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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