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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Monitoring Notifications Emails

Have you checked the postfix logs? They might tell you what you need to know.

Also as far as I know monitoring is slated to be removed in a future version. It never worked as well as hoped and doesn't scale well at all.

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On Nov 3, 2014 11:21 AM, bustillo r aju ej-gv es <bustillo r aju ej-gv es> wrote:

Hi all,

One year ago, I put a message in this list about a problem with Monitoring Notifications Emails. I could send email from the command line and I received the Daily Status Report, but Notification Emails didn’t work. As I could not find a solution, I reinstalled Spacewalk and Notifications Emails started to work again.

But in march the problem started again. I was reviewing all the logs, but found nothing. This time I didn’t reinstalled the server. We continued working with Spacewalk but without this function.

Suddenly, the last week Notifications Emails started to work again, just one year since the first problem and six month from the second. What has happened to fix it? What have in common these days?

They are the dates when we change the time for the winter time and for summer time.

What I cannot understand is why this change affect to notifications emails.

Any idea?


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