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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Updating a system


Answers bellow

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 6:55 PM, Daryl Rose <rosede12 gmail com> wrote:
Okay, now that I have a system setup and registered, I'm trying to do an update.  

I picked one package and selected it to update.  The package is queued, but the update has not run.  

In a past life, I've used Satellite Server to update Red Hat servers.  I used the rhn_check command to force the update.  However, when I tried rhn_check on my test server I received Python errors:

This error came from the System History Event record:

Client execution returned "Fatal error in Python code occurred [[6]]" (code -1)

Three questions.

1. Any idea what this error is, and how do I correct it?

Are your machine really registered in SW !?, when you execute yum repolist, what appear as result !?
2. Where are the log files located so I can review any errors?

In the /var/log/up2date or /var/log/messages, although I recommend execute the command rhn_check -vv
3. How log does a package normally get queued before it's pushed out to the client?

You can use spacecmd or spacewalk-errata, I really need check in the command (don't remember right now)

In reference to the last question. I set the schedule to run at the nearest 1/2 hour, but the package was never pushed out to the client.

Take a look in this post - http://blog.waldirio.com.br/?p=738 



Take Care 

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