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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Squid Proxy for Spacewalk

squid on spacewalk proxy is used to cache rpms, and on default configurations accept only connections from localhost...

instead of using squid to improve security you can filter access to your spacewalk server by putting it on dmz behind your firewall and then enable only hosts that you want.

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Oggetto: Re: [Spacewalk-list] Squid Proxy for Spacewalk

> not out of the box, it needs configuring but yup it does, im pretty sure when you isntall the proxy it also installs and configures squid

> On 10 November 2014 03:37, Glen Collins <glenc2004 comcast net> wrote:
> Hello all. Is it possible to just use a squid proxy out of the box for spacewalk? I don't need to cache packages and such. I just need to restrict access from the client side to the spacewalk master. Just another level of access our security guys want. Just didn't want to go down this rabbit whole if it's not going to work and I'll just have to go fourth with adding the actual spacewalk proxy.

> Thanks

> Glen Collins

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