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[Spacewalk-list] Follow up question to solaris2mpm

I know that I was told that Solaris support will be dropped in future releases, but I'm still moving forward with trying to make this version work.

I've figured out that solaris2mpm will work with individual patches, but not on the Solaris Patch Cluster.  So, my work around is to unzip the cluster, zip up the individual patches and then run solaris2mpm on those individual patches.  I now have a directory with mpm files that can be added to my SpaceWalk server.

According to the documentation, I need to run "rhnpush --server=http://SW_FQDN/APP --channel=CHANNEL_LABEL *.mpm".  However, when I run this command, I get prompted for a Red Hat Network username.

This command should be accessing my SW server, not RHN.  

Can I copy these file from the client server to the SW server and put them in the channel that way, or do they have to be copied via the rhnpush command?



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