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Re: [Spacewalk-list] I can now update CentOS

Daryl this seem that you haven't imported your spacewalk ssl keys, usually under pub directory of your SW server you can find two files:


install rpm on your spacewalk clients, and then your clients has this ssl key under:


and with this you can use https communications between spacewalk server and clients... -> with this is more safe if you have provision entitlements and want to execute on real time scripts (communication goes through http over ssl)

Best Regards
Amedeo Salvati
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Data: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 09:33:43 -0600
Oggetto: [Spacewalk-list] I can now update CentOS

> Previous questions were about the failure of updating CentOS from the Spacewalk server.  I was getting the following error:

> local action status: ((6,), 'Fatal error in Python code occurred', {})

> I searched and searched and searched, posted questions and no one was able to answer the question on what the error was, and how to resolve it.  

> The only reply that I received on this board was that this was a bug that had been fixed in RH Satellite Server, but apparently not in Spacewalk.  

> Perhaps this is a known bug that was only fixed in RH Satellite and not addressed in SW because I found other postings with the exact same issue.  These postings go back for over a year, so I know this has been an issue for sometime.  Almost all of these posts have the same replies: execute a yum clean all, update yum, etc...  I did all of that as well as did the others in who have the same issue.  Stop/start the satellite server etc....

> Finally, I found a posting by a guy who jumped through all of the hoops, as had I, but finally found out that removing the "s" from the https://<sp-walk server> in /usr/sysconfig/rhn/up2date resolved the issue.

> I successfully updated my CentOS 6.5 server.

> Thank you

> Daryl

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