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Re: [Spacewalk-list] How to properly setup Solaris Channels

Have you run an rhn_check or has the server checked in get to get the new channel config? My guess would be it doesn't know about the channel yet. When you re-registered did you make sure the child channel is subscribed to by the base channel? I know some of it is low level and you might have checked already, but never hurts to ask. Also did you remove the repo or just the channel?

Ethan Bonick | Information Technology

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On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 8:21 AM, Daryl Rose <rosede12 gmail com> wrote:
When I initially setup Solaris, I did just a single channel just for patches.  However, I decided that I want to also have a base channel as well.  Currently, if I want to add a new package to a Solaris server, I have to either pop a dvd into the drive, or NFS an ISO image.  However, this is what SW is for.  A repository of all of the packages, plus updates that may need to be applied.

I made a new base channel and imported all of the installation packages into it.   However, I already had an update channel with a system assigned to it.  What I am trying to figure out is; what is the correct way to set up the two channels?   

I removed the updates channel, and recreated it as a child of the base channel.  I had previously removed the subscribed system, so I resubscribed to the base channel.  There are over 2000 packages in the base channel, and 381 in the updates channel.  I thought that once I resubscribed the server to the base/child updates channel, I would see needed updates. I know that there should be 80 updates needed on this server, however, SW tells me that the system is up to date.  

When I setup the CentOS Channel, I created three repositories:  Base, Updates and Extra's.   All three are then assigned to the CentOS channel.  There are now over 8000 packages available for the CentOS server.  Is best practice to put ALL base packages and updates together in a single channel so that way the Solaris server can see everything?  Why doesn't the client server see the child channel and SW tell me that it needs updates?

Thank you.


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