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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk Errata notification

> I have more and more users (more than 1000) and I would like to
> disable errata mailer.
> Do you think it’s normal that this table is growing up every day ?
> spaceschema=# select count(*) from rhnerratanotificationqueue;
> 45917

Yes. Just checked, we have 391124 entries on our server.

> spaceschema=# select modified from rhnerratanotificationqueue limit
> 5;

Didn't you want to run
select modified from rhnerratanotificationqueue order by modified desc limit 5;

> And do you think that if I purge this table, I can increase some
> performances (because value seems very old) ?

I do not think so.

> In addition, I already force email_notify in table rhnUserInfo to 0
> but when I looking code it seems this option appears late in the
> batch:
> https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/spacewalk.git/tree/java/code/src/com/redhat/rhn/taskomatic/task/ErrataMailer.java?id=1ad3fcf6bc5c80cdab76c93cc8ee2eae01967898

It's within the getOrgRelevantServers() method.

But, that would be my recommendation - to disable email notifications for all the users. Not an ideal solution, but a working workaround.

> Do you think it’s possible to add a global option which force results
> to null in order to bypass this job ? J

It would be possible to add a configuration option to disable errata notification let's say per organization.
Feel free to write a RFE bugzilla.

Tomas Lestach
Red Hat Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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