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[Spacewalk-list] Cancel a running event

Hi all,

I had a server that seemed to have issues with rhn_check doing package
updates: it was running for half an hour already without completing
the event. In the end somebody rebooted the server (to stay in the
maintenance window), and afterwards the packages were checked (yum,
cleandups, etc ...)
So now the server is up to date, but in spacewalk the action is still marked as:

This action's status is: Picked Up.
The client picked up this action on 11/19/14 12:21 PM
The client has not yet completed this action.

Of course the action is completed in the mean time (since the server
even rebooted), but even running rhn_check doesn't force the state in
spacewalk to change to completed (blocking other actions for that
Is there any manual method of setting an event to completed? Or is
there a timeout for running events? Or do I need to restart spacewalk
or parts of it?


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