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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk and Redhat Satellite 6.x


On 20 Nov 2014, at 9:11 am, Glen Collins <glenc2004 comcast net> wrote:

Also too, this also maybe stupid. Does anyone know if the official Satellite server supports use of the spacewalk clients? I think I pretty much know the answer but I thought I'd ask because we do have a license for Satellite and wanted to use it but since we also have Oracle Linux, well that made the decision for me. Wish the two companies would play together again. :-(

You can support Oracle Linux completely via RHN Satellite. There's no need to use Spacewalk at all. The Satellite client will install just fine on Oracle Linux, and Satellite itself can happily sync channels from public-yum.oracle.com.

So, I'm not entirely sure why you're not just using Satellite if you have a license for it?

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