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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Management of baselines

Hi Matthew,


This is great information… this is exactly what I’m trying to do.  However, I’m having trouble sync’ing the Errata data.  How are you sync’ing the errata, if you don’t mind me asking.


Thank you in advance for your help.




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This can easily be done, and I do something similar, but sync all Errata's on a monthly basis on patch tuesday.


Create your baseline channel that is fully up to date. Sync this baseline channel nightly, so it's always current, but don't keep any systems subscribed to it. Clone that channel, and use the clone channel for patching systems. If you want to add a single Errata to the cloned channel, you simply go to Channels-->Manage Software Channels-->Your cloned channel-->Errata then click Add. You'll see your baseline channel as the source, and can pick and choose whatever Errata or packages you'd like to add into your clone channel. 


To refresh your clone channel on a monthly or quarterly basis, the easiest way to do this is setup a channel mapping configuration file, and use spacewalk-clone-by-date. Then you source your config file to that command like such:


spacewalk-clone-by-date --config=/etc/rhn/channel-maps/datacenter-channels-rhel6.conf -d 2014-10-14



The below document explains in detail how to setup this kind of configuration.


On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Nicolas Michel <be nicolas michel gmail com> wrote:

Hello guys,

I would want to create a baseline for my channels (a snapshot). And
regularly push in that baseline either choosen packages in function of
errata, or a full sync of the upstream channel. Here is a use case to
illustrate what I'm saying: say that I have my baseline which is a
snapshot of 1 month ago. We just discovered a critical security bug in
a package (like Shellshock) so I have to patch all my servers with
that particular set of packages (errata). I would want to push into my
baseline only that set of packages defined by the errata. How can I do
The other use case: every 3 months, I have to patch all my servers
with all available patches. So I want to re-synchronize my baseline
from upstream (create a new snapshot).

Currently, here is what I have and how I expected to do (but I'm not
sure it's the right way):
- I have in spacewalk a channel which is synchronized daily to the
upstream repository
- I created a clone of that channel. So I have my snapshot.
- Now I don't know how I can push in it selected erratas from my
original channel.
- I don't know either how to resynchronize the entire original channel.

Thanks in advance,

Nicolas MICHEL

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