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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Exclude packages from upgrading and showing on the Web GUI

Hello Friends

Glen, this is a administrative task of SW admin, in fact you have your baseline uptodate and your freezed channel, you will choose what you want. You can do this task via webUI and select everything, so exclude the package that you don't want in your production environment.

Take Care

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 8:28 PM, Glen Collins <glenc2004 comcast net> wrote:
Well it's not the fact it bothers me but the fact I will not be the one doing the patching. And should someone patch and upgrade the pam rpm's then it causes issues. I did find a plugin which will lock the version and prevent the rpm from being upgraded, "yum-plugin-versionlock" but that does not help it showing in the gui. It will prevent the upgrade though. So I guess that's some consolation.

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On 11/20/2014 11:20 AM, Glen Collins wrote:
> Hi All. I'm wondering if a solution has come about the issue of not
> upgrading rpm's if the local system has them excluded. I know this has
> been asked about for years now and I'm just wondering if anything in the
> pipeline is coming. The reason I ask is we use McAfee on our systems
> which require a specific version of the pam libraries. And if the
> systems get upgraded, we can no longer login to the web gui on the
> clients. Until we are able to upgrade to v2.0+ we have this issue. I
> know I can put in an exclusion on a per host basis and it won't upgrade,
> but it'll still show on the gui needing updates. I just would like a
> clean board.
> Just curious if anyone is working on this or just something to put up
> with until something better comes along.
> Thanks!
> Glen Collins

I don't know of any work being done in that area. If it really bothers
you then you can always clone the channel and copy over everything
except for the updates to pam that you don't want, then register McAfee
systems to that cloned channel instead.


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