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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Kickstarting CentOS

Title: AW: [Spacewalk-list] Kickstarting CentOS

Try setting selinux as permissive and retry creating kickstart. There's something not yet complete in SELinux contexts.


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Afzender: isdtor <isdtor gmail com>
Verstuurd: Vrijdag 3 November 2017 0:20
Aan: spacewalk-list redhat com
Onderwerp: [Spacewalk-list] Kickstarting CentOS

Hi all.

I have set up a new spacewalk server from scratch and created a very basic config for CentOS: CentOS6 parent, CentOS6 child, CentOS6 repo associated with the child channel. Now I'm attempting to set up kickstart profiles, but spacewalk says that it can't find kickstartable channels.

However, the repo is listed under "Kickstartable Distributions", valid, and also by cobbler distro list. What am I missing?

The document such questions are often directed to, https://github.com/spacewalkproject/spacewalk/wiki/HowToKickstartCobbler, does not appear to be helpful in this case. It is not clear whether any "kickstart helper tools" are needed, and the packages referenced for FC9 do not exist for RHEL/CentOS anyway.

New to spacewalk, but plenty of kickstart experience here.

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