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[Spacewalk-list] rhn_check / yum pid not cleaned up


I have some issues since i recently upgraded rhn clients.
It seems that since this the following patch, /var/run/yum.pid is not 
cleaned up by rhn_check.


I checked on Centos 6 and 7, Centos 7 doesn't seem to be affected.

On Centos 7, it works as expected :

   [root wikidt ~]$ rpm -q yum yum-rhn-plugin
   [root wikidt ~]$ rhn_check
   [root wikidt ~]$ ll /var/run/yum.pid
   ls: cannot access /var/run/yum.pid: No such file or directory

But on Centos 6, yum's PID stays there :

   [root albenga ~]$ rpm -q yum yum-rhn-plugin
   [root albenga ~]$ rhn_check
   [root albenga ~]$ ll /var/run/yum.pid
   -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5 Nov 13 17:53 /var/run/yum.pid

The problem reveals itself only under unfortunate coincidences :

- rhn_check runs and writes /var/run/yum.pid
- no yum commands are launched after that (it would clean the pid)
- a (persistent) process P spaws up with the same PID number as in 
- then any yum command stalls waiting for the end of P

I have the issue on production servers with >300 apache processes with 
rotatelogs :

Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit...
   The other application is: httpd
     Memory : 5.8 M RSS (1.7 GB VSZ)
     Started: Sat Nov 11 03:40:09 2017 - 58:41 ago
     State  : Sleeping, pid: 18792


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