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Re: Stateless on RHEL 5

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 11:32:12AM -0400, Warren W. Thompson wrote:
> Glad to hear that I am not the only one having problems. BTW, someone
> else on this list recommended that I actually install the cobbler'd
> distribution on one of the target systems and then copy that in place
> of the read-only root installation presented by the Fedora instructions.

well, i managed to clear the anaconda hurdle, so i don't think i need
to resort to that workaround. (in actuality, i'm amazed that anaconda
has the ability to install to a subdirectory rather than do the usual
partitioning and what not, so setting up another machine to do it now
strikes me as an inelegant kludge--so long as this anaconda usage con-
tinues to work)

> That does seem like a good idea, but unfortunately, other priorities
> have prevented me from getting to try this yet.

same with Red Hat, it seems

> I never even got to the point where Puppet came in to the picture.
> Perhaps some of the problems that you encountered will get better
> after RHEL 5 update 2 is released.

i doubt it. inasmuch as there's no fuse support in RHEL 5 and i doubt
that they're going to slipstream it in and possibly open up a can of
worms with having to troubleshoot their customers' foofs.sourceforge.net
-related problems, the union mounting support that the stateless proj-
ect's initscripts depends on is probably not happening any time soon.
i'm looking at customizing the rwtab or supplementing with custom
early-running init scripts or something to deal with at least puppet's
requirement for persistent storage and see how far i get

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