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Re: Current state of the stateless project

Miroslav Tomic (kaos cluster gmail com) said: 
> Could someone be so kind and tell me what's the current state of the
> project? There have been no news lately on any progress made and I was
> wondering if this project is still alive.

It's not currently undergoing significant active development in
the current framework. Ideally, some sort of unionfs-based approach
will become viable with upstream kernel code in the near future.

> On the other hand, I've been installing and testing recently the F9
> server / F8 client combination and have to say it was really...
> raggedly. I've had some major and minor problems with statetab,
> rc.sysinit and rwtab scripts as they needed huge makeover in order to
> run properly and do what I wanted (well, at least it's what I did,  
> mixing some code from the original rc.sysinit script and the one found  
> in RPM on Law's site).

If it's not working for the basic stuff, please, file bugs.


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