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Re: zero copy and scatter gather nic cards

> I am looking for any resources people might have on these topics. I have
> read the recent thread on this topic on the kernel list already.


> adaptec starfire
	ask adaptec for datasheet, its good.
> 3c905C 
	ask 3com for datasheet, its good.
> The Essential RoadRunner HIPPI

recent eepro100s can do ip csumming , but I'm not sure anyone has
convinced intel to admit to to it or done the hacking themselves to
figure it out.

the sun happymeal cards can, ank's (davem's? :)) patches up there
show how.

I bet the neato 3com 100mb cards that have mips on them can do it as
well, but I doubt we'll get datasheets on those anytime soon.  the
3c700s or something like that?  They have ipsec on the mips, etc..

> Also, do all Tigon 2/3 cards support these technologies, or just the
> Acenic?

all tigon, afaik.  


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