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Re: zero copy and scatter gather nic cards

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Paonia Ezrine wrote:

> I have seen some talk about zero copy on here before. I am doing
> research on zero copy (tcp) and scatter gather, so I thought this
> would be a good place to post.

please check out Alexey Kuznetsov's zerocopy TCP patches at:


the upcoming TUX update (TUX 1.01) is based on this patch. [Alexey's patch
is a redesigned, cleaned up and expanded version of my original TUX 1.0
zerocopy TCP code.] A number of different cards capable of zero-copy TCP
xmit are supported. Alexey's patch implements zero-copy TCP-send (which
can be used from user-space and is directly utilized by sendfile() as
well, using the pagecache for TCP-send directly). Alexey's patch also
includes further TCP code from DaveM that is able to utilize SG-only cards
and gets rid of skb related memory wastage. It's neat stuff.


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