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Re: [patch] TUX 2.4.2-N1

Ingo Molnar wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Greg Cope wrote:
> > As a small question - you appeared to be sync'ing with AC patches -
> > but you do not appear to be doing that now - are the zero copy patches
> > intergrated into 2.4.2 (I may have missed that ;-)
> i keep forgetting to mention that the TUX patch includes the latest -ac
> patch. Eg. the -N1 patch includes the -ac11 patch - this is why TUX
> patches are so big. (-ac11 also includes the zerocopy patch, and includes
> Linus' 2.4.3-pre2 as well).
> So basically the TUX patches always try to provide the latest 2.4 code
> from Linus and Alan. I'm sometimes skipping -ac kernels that are known to
> break in one way or another. There are some dependencies between the
> zerocopy patches and TUX, this is why i'm not releasing pure patches
> against 2.4.2-vanilla.

ah - thanks !

As a further aside will TUX / zero copy make it into the mainstream
distro ? ( A little cheeky to ask, but I do not follow the kernel list
as I have only 24 hours in my day to fit everything else in!)


> > Also a small bug in the rpm.spec file in the tux2.0.12 tools distro
> > has a build dependancy on glade - and hence if glade is not installed
> > the docs / man pages do not get made / installed.
> good point, we'll fix this.
>         Ingo
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