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Re: TUX Crashes Under Stress


   I tried build N1 and got the same problem.  However, it throws me out of my Telnet session so fast with this particular build that I am unable run your commands listed below.  I'll try a few more times and see if I can get you this data.

   By the way, are you in the RTP area?

Rodney Thomas
(919) 993-4428

Ingo Molnar <mingo@redhat.com> wrote:
> Rodney,
> you say that you are testing -H8 current. The latest patch is -N1, and
> there were *lots* of (mostly internal) changes to TUX since -H8. Could you
> please give -N1 a try, does -N1 hang in the same way too?
> if it hangs in the same way then could you please do the following thing
> whenever the hang happens:
> ? ? readprofile -r
> ? ? sleep 30
> ? ? readprofile > /tmp/toingo
> (please make sure that /usr/src/linux has the kernel tree and System.map
> for the kernel you are using.) I'd like to fix this bug very much, even if
> it turns out to be a generic kernel bug not a TUX bug. Thanks!
> ? ? Ingo
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