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Re: Crash in module

On Monday 12 March 2001 13:43 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a module which composes parts of a html file into a whole html file
> and delivers it to the client. In a request i can give a parameter which
> tells the module how many parts there are.
> Inside my module I have to remember which part I've already sent to the
> client. I store this counter in the req->private element. Each part is
> stored in /var/www/html/<amount>/file*.html and my module just issues a
> TUX_ACTION_GET/SEND_OBJECT (yes, in the event driven way).
> But when TUX reaches the first call to tux(TUX_ACTION_GET_OBJECT, req) it
> crashes whith this BUG() message:

I just realized that the same thing happens with the demo2.tux modules whith 
the request http://localhost/demo2.tux?index.html

demo2.tux is loaded correctly and index.html exists and is statically 
accessible fine.

Seems to be a problem in TUX_ACTION_GET_OBJECT

Bye, Marcus

Marcus Gruendler
eMail: runner@tamalin.de
WWW: http://www.tamalin.de/runner/index.html

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