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Re: Tux with NFS mounted docroot?

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Phil Oester wrote:

> I can successfully do a GET / HTTP/1.0 to port 80 when docroot is on
> the local filesystem.  However, when I change docroot to a read-only
> NFS mount, doing the same get request kills the server so hard
> (without completing the get btw) that I have to power-cycle the box.
> Is NFS mounting the docroot supported?

it's supposed to work, but i too managed to crash it very easily.

the reason of the crash was that the req->in_file handling of TUX was
buggy. I think i managed to fix all the places (there are two new
functions: install_req_dentry() and release_req_dentry() that should make
it harder to do this mistake every again). I've uploaded -Q8 which has
these fixes:


could you please check out whether this fixes NFS-docroot serving for you


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