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Re: [patch] Re: Can modules block on socket writes? (fwd)

On Tuesday 13 March 2001 22:52 you wrote:
> SEND_BUFFER uses the MSG_MORE flag already, so if you do multiple
> SEND_BUFFERs then it will be coalesced properly. No need to complicate the
> interface - you can do any number of SEND_BUFFERs after each other

Okay, this can be done and I understand your concern keeping a clean and 
simple interface. Nevertheless this requires one switch between user/kernel 
space each time SEND_BUFFER is issued. This would lead to similar results as 
my approach to issue many GET/SEND_OBJECTs. 

On the other hand, if I copy all module data I want to send to one temporary 
buffer and issue SEND_BUFFER, I have the overhead of moving data around. Both 
problems would not occur with a writev()-like action (maybe 

Just my thought... Is there much to be changed in order to write buffer 

Bye, Marcus

Marcus Gruendler
eMail: runner@tamalin.de
WWW: http://www.tamalin.de/runner/index.html

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