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Setting tux set up And tux vs khttpd vs boa And What network cards suport zerocopy

Hello all,

I really have 3 questions here.

1 ) A setup Question/issue
   I am currently working  on a few projects in witch tux may really be able
to help me improve speed etc. The issues that I am coming up agents now are
that I can not get the tux daemon to run as a user other than nobody, and I
am not sure how tux decides to send the request to the user daemon. I want to
use tux as just an execrator only serving .jpg/.gif/.png/.swf everything else
 I want to be forward to the user daemon. I tried editing the mime.tux but
when I  started I did not have .swf in it and when I went to look at the
flash movie it served it as text/plain. I set this up in khttpd very easily
but was having some stability issues with it i.e. it stopped accepting
connections every 6 hours or so and the only way to fix it was a reboot.

 Also is there any way to bind tux to just certain ip addresses, most of the
machines I work with have many different interfaces and I want tux to just
bind to one.

My first days testing with tux seem very promising if I could get the few
things I mention setup properly.

2)  Benchmarks Benchmarks (no holy war please)

Are there any benchmarks of resent tux 2 vs khttpd vs boa vs ?? and If so can
some one direct me to them.

3) Zero copy Question
  I thought that I remember seeing that not all network cards were optimized
for zero copy and was wondering which ones where I mostly use eepro100's and
3c509, if these aren't optimized for zero copy witch cards are and how much
difference would  using those cards make.

Thanks for any help

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