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Re: bad performance tux T9

On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 08:16:23PM +0100, Ookhoi wrote:
> Hi Irmund,
> I think khttpd is obsolete due to tux.
> I'm also testing apache1.3, apache2.0 (and modperl, modperl2.0 and php),
> squid, thtthp and tux to see how thy perform. Unfortunately tux T9 fails
> for 50% of the requests, thttpd stalls for a amount of time when I hit
> it hard with ab via localhost, apache1.3 is fine and I have some
> problems compiling apache2.0.
> Which version of thttpd do you use? I tried 20b I believe (the latest I
> could find last saturday).
> Do you also test modperl for 1.3, 2.0 and php?
> Do you also test tux with the nics that support zerocopy and ip checksum
> stuff?
> What server/client/network do you use, and what client program (only
> ab?)?
> I'm interested in your article and I think other are too. Can you send
> the url or the name and date of the magazine to us (the list)?
> I'll send the results of my tests also to the list (can take some time
> btw).

well - I've just removed thttpd from the test machine since I run some tests under FreeBSD :-
was thttpd/2.20b - http://it97.dyn.dhs.org/abtest.html
mod_perl ran a little idea faster than php4;
when reconfiguring the test machine it's a good idea testing tux with the nics -
the deadline for the article is May 2, but I can send it to you for proofreading ( :-)
so it's really Apache specific.
I've an easy to install Apache 2.0 rpm what needs openssl-0.9.6, means, if running
on a test machine you have to remove openssl-0.9.5a or force update;
you can install the openssl.tar.gz with rpm -ta and rpm -Uvh --force ...


 Irmund    Thum

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