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Re: TuxConfusion

Hi Aviv,

> I'm a bit confused about tux - 
> from my understanding, tux is not a regular kernel module but
> a different kernel ?? Is that right or am i missing the point ?? Why
> is that so?

Tux is a webserver for static content which runs in kernel space because
static content is merely a (relative) simple copy thing which can be
done faster and more efficient in kernel space (anyone correct me if I'm
wrong please). 

Tux is a patch for the mainstream kernel because it is not in the
mainstream kernel (yet). It might seem like a kernel of its own because
Ingo puts the kernelpatches (fixes and new features) from Alan Cox and
the tux patch together. This is large at the moment because Alan's patch
is large. You can also also download the tux patch without Alan's patch
included if you already have it for example.

> I'm specificaly interested in the zero-copy-socket capability of tux.
> How is this accomplished / where implemented ?

I believe that is part of the mainstream kernel (or in Alan's patch),
but I'm not sure. I don't know the technic behind zero copy. Other might
answer that.

Hope this helps a bit,


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