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Froggy status 2008-11-12

Last week:

    * Committed a lot of documentation: cd to froggy/docs,  make, and
      point your browser at froggy/docs/html/book1.html.  The docs are,
      of course, a little back-level, but I'll try to keep them more or
      less current.
    * Added syscall entry filtering.
    * Added userspace callbacks that correspond to all the utrace
      reoprt_* callbacks.
    * Added tests for all that in froggy/tests and demos/stracef.
    * Started experimenting with attach_tree().

Next week(s):

    * More work on attach_tree().
    * Add stuff to limit user control of processes--right now, anyone
      can attach, e.g., PID 1, init, and, like, stop it.  Not good.  I
      think the thing to do might be to make it possible for non-root
      users to attach to processes they don't have permissions for, but
      only to monitor them, not to do anything that would change
      anything about them.  And it would probably be a good idea if even
      root couldn't screw with init.
    * Maybe start looking into incorporating breakpoints into froggy.

Chris Moller

  I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but
  I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
      -- Robert McCloskey

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