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Call for utrace survival

My project kmview is based on utrace.
Utrace is a wonderful tool to support partial virtualization, I have found no
other tools providing a tracing interface of user processes by kernel modules.
-systemtap, dtrace: are mainly for kernel debug
-LTTng: creates traces for off-line debugging (ust needs the program to be 
compiled for tracing, it does not work on existing binaries).

utrace can be a fast and smart replacement for the old/slow ptrace.

Now the kernel patches are getting obsolete...

This is a call for utrace users and developers to see if there are enough
(human) resources to continue the project.
I am considering to fork the subset of the project needed by kmview, but
if there are enough other projects and developers interested to utrace survival
we can work together.

renzo davoli
virtualsquare labs
University of Bologna

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