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Re: xterm size

On Fri, 18 Oct 2002, Rodney D. Myers wrote:

> In play with "xterm", I've found that I can select the font, the font
> size, and the geometry.
> My dilemma, now. If I get the correct geometry correct, then I cannot
> get the font/size correct.
> What I've come up with so far;
> "xterm -geometry 120x40+63+0 -fa courier -fs 22"
> 	which gives the correct font & size I want, but the geometry is ignored
> "xterm -fa courier -fs 22 -geometry 120x40+63+0"
> 	the geometry is also ignore
> any further tips would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, but you should be able to set these things as defaults in either 
.Xdefaults or (preferably) .Xresources. 

By the way, on my 7.3 box using Windowmaker, the commands you quote
above work fine, nothing is ignored. Are you sure you don't have 'xterm'
aliased somewhere?

I've now moved my settings over into .Xresources. I had to run 'xrdb 
-merge' to get the new settings to take hold. I would imagine next time 
I startx, they'll be there.

Here's my .Xresources file:

$ cat .Xresources
*emacs*Font:            fixed
*XTerm*Geometry:        140x60-0-0
*XTerm*Font:            fixed

I tried some different fonts in there, but couldn't find one that 
worked. I just got errors saying:

$ xterm
xterm:  unable to open font "9x16", trying "fixed"....

But that's ok, I like 'fixed'.

Remember to run xrdb when you make changes:

$ xrdb -merge .Xresources

I found this info in 'man X'


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