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Re: broadband

Everything starts out ok. I bought the priority package so I could gain access when traffic was high. Somewhere between 16 and 60% I get an error that the server has abruptly disconnected me. This just started after the RHN change had been implemented. I don't really know, but suspect that low speed is at fault. The network may have changed the minimum requirements for the benefit of the many.

I had a bad experience trying to get a usb modem to work and am concerned about compatability with this unit. As time goes on and I fall farther behind in my updates I may try it anyway - I just don't want to gamble $100 on this part of the hardware and still be unable to get what I need.

Harlan Feinstein wrote:

 Roger> I'm unable to update my system at all because of low connect
 Roger> speed. I am on disability and can't afford 40 - 50 / mo for a
 Roger> fast connect. A company, www.skyvision.com, has a dedicated
 Roger> satelite internet access that uses a pci card interface. It
 Roger> only costs 29.95/mo once you buy the equipment. They say it
 Roger> doesn't run on linux. Any ideas on how to make it work? They
 Roger> also have a usb model, but from what I can see usb isn't a good
 Roger> choice either.

What makes USB a bad choice, out of curiosity? I have USB devices (not network ones) that are quite happy with RH 7.3, it would seem.

Also, why is it that you cannot update your system via modem?


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The product said it was designed for windows 95, 98, NT or better so I installed Linux.

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