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Re: athlon configuration

On Sun, 23 Mar 2003, Tony Nugent wrote:

> I've just upgraded my m'board/cpu/ram to an athlon 2100.
> I used the HDDs from my old pIII box, got it booting into rh7.3
> again, replaced the old the i686 kernel with the athlon version of
> the newly-released update, and recompiled a couple of kernel drivers
> (nvidia/alsa).  Wow, smooth as silk - this box just rocks:-)
> I still have the old i686 glibc and openssl binary updates
> installed, and right now they both need updating.
> My question: is it ok to use the i686 versions of these binaries on
> an athlon box?  Is this the default configuration.  (eg, by the
> installer).  I assume that it is...
> Thanks.
> Cheers
> Tony
They work just fine on an athlon box.  The i686 versions on glibc and 
openssh are the default on an Athlon install.  The Athlon handles the 
i686 specific instructions at least as well as a PIII.


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