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Re: concerns for the future

Craig, as a hobbiest learning the technology I wouldn't sweat it. Folks
may jump all over this statement, but from a learning curve standpoint,
Linux is Unix. Your knowledge will _not_ become obsolete as versions
move forward.

The most accurate thing I heard was that "a great Unix administrator
doesn't know everything, but s/he knows how to find it fast". In short
you need to learn how to learn. (Sounds like University, huh?)

Different distributions put things in different places and yes there may
be binary incompatibility between version 'x' and version 'y'.

So what? What you learn are the good principles of managing *nix systems
and understanding of networking, security and system design. Personally,
if the package doesn't come in the Red Hat box, I compile from sources
which removes the binary compatibility issue. The reason: long term
investment. What if I don't have a driver for my "....." board in the
new version, etc.

This gains me autonomy to not care exactly which version Red Hat is
supporting today (or any other distro). It allows me to support myself
(and/or customers) and provide real value-add.

I have extensive experience with AIX (IBM), DG/UX (Data General), HPUX
(Hewlett Packard) and Linux. Believe me, none of your skills will be
"lost" and in fact, they will be _very_ marketable!

Don't sweat it that RH wants to create a "stability" line for business.
They _need_ to. Business is still not adopting the Linux platform in
droves yet and the pace of change is one of the reasons. This will help
us in the long run and they are still giving you the ability to "play"
with the same technology at a no cost or small cost option level.

I say "Go Red Hat" and lets see them start to take a statistically
significant chunk out of Redmond. (For the record I currently do not
hold any Red Hat stock :-)

When they do so, we, and our expertise will _all_ get dragged along for
the ride.

David B. Cook <davidc advan ca>

The system said "designed for Windows NT or better." So I installed 

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