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[vfio-users] Few issues on Ubuntu 15.10 VFIO

Since the failure install newest QEMU and libvirt on 14.04, I'm tried installing on 15.10 yesterday.
Using the package that from jacob's repository, and re-install QEMU again by using QEMU git source.
Finally I can launched VM /w OVMF and GTX980 in Windows 10 guest.

But I got few issues.

1. The official kernel of Ubuntu 15.10 is 4.2.0-16-generic
I used to enable VFIO to get GPU controll by using CMDLINE and /etc/initramfs.d/modules

CMDLINE_DEFAULT="intel_iommu=on vfio-pci.ids=XXXX:XXXX,XXXX:XXXX"
and add vfio vfio_pci vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_virqfd inti /etc/initramfs.d/modules
then run update-initramfs and update-grub.

It works on 14.04, but when I try the same thing on 15.10, VFIO only got HDMI control, GTX980 still controlled by nouveau.
I have to set blacklist on nouveau to let VFIO get fully control.

2. When I trying to install Windows 7 guest, I'm using OVMF to do initial installation.
After installation, I deleted QXL and spice, then mount GTX980 into guest.
But it stuck at "Starting Windows" with logo came out, only freeze, no BSOD.

Then I checked XML profile and found that the machine-type is i440fx-2.5
I edited to i440fx-2.4 then boot again, now everything goes right.
Is that a problem on i440fx-2.5?

3. I still can't mount GPU to guest that firmware is using legacy BIOS.
I'll got BSOD with 0x3B error code after installed GPU driver with kvm=off every time.
No matter the machine is 1440fx or Q35.
And it also happened on Fedora 22 host.

Both platform are installed QEMU got version because it included Hyper-V patch.
Does anyone have idea? Or got same issue?

Many thanks,

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