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Re: [vfio-users] Hardware support explanation

You can (even should) use intel hd graphics for host while passing-through pci-e gpu.

Any CPU with virtualisation extensions (vt-x/vt-d) should work. Some motherboards may not fully support all requirements for passthrough though. To be sure of hardware compatibility you should look up what hardware worked for other people. There was google docs spreadsheet with list of hw configurations that users reported working but i cant find it because of how stupid archlinux forum search is.

Nvidia drivers try to block passthrough of hardware but there are workarounds. AMD GPUs seem to work much better. Regarding m variants - i dont know. Got such a laptop myself (with 960m)  and would love to get it working, so far i had no luck. But even if it works im not so sure how useful it can be since that gpu will not have screen attached to it.

On 2015.12.03 13:05, Francois Delalleau wrote:
Hi all,

I discover recently VFIO support for gpu pass-through. I need both linux and windows, and really love to get windows on a VM.
But as I'm not familiar with low level code, I need some explanation on hardware :
  • Is VFIO support usage of a Intel HD Graphics for host and a pci-e gpu for the windows guest?
  • I found on http://vfio.blogspot.fr that 1155 processor can be used. I suppose that 1156 (i7-6xxx) can be used to?
  • For gpu, I understood that Nvidia 9xx series can be used, but is 9xxM can be used to? The plan is to use a clevo laptop, so gpu is an M version...

And one last question, there has some restriction on distribution? I work on Debian stable (jessy at this time), do I need to rebuilt kernel?

Thank's in advance for your responses to my (newbie) questions!

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