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[vfio-users] Any help to finish my qemu ovmf script please ?

Hello guys, i'm currently trying to get from libvirt (working win10 gaming vm) to an ovmf script and currently i'm stuck on two things, converting the disk part (will figure it out eventually) and passing through my main usb controller.

Would be great since i'll be able to plug and play devices on the win10 guest.
so i got the bus of the usb controller along with his iommu_group number.

My line on the script should be this :
-device vfio-pci,host=00:14.0

But since this is passthrough i assume the kernel in use should be vfio-pci, same as the graphic card right?
I have no idea how to do that for the usb controller, any help would be welcome.

Also the network part seems tricky, i'm looking at the script someone send me and i don't get how he did the bridge, something to do with tap device, my goal here is to configure the network between my host and my guest so that synergy will be able to work (with host as guest).

I'm on the latest build of fedora.

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