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[vfio-users] Hyper-v enlightments on recent NVIDIA drivers?


I installed last week a Windows 10 guest on my flaming new Skylake
build, on top of my Arch Linux install. After doing some reading, I
understood I had to disable any Hyper-V enlightment and make KVM run in
'hidden' mode, so my Nvidia drivers wouldn't shut down.

However, just for the curiosity, I googled for a while and found the
last version that didn't check for KVM presence and tested the
different performance with and without Hyper-V enlightments: Oddly,
Unigine benchmark doesn't show almost *any* performance gain, but with
several games, the difference can be as big as 50% in heavily loaded
scenarios. My guess on this games that rely more on the GPU won't see
much improvements, but games that also use I/O and CPU extensively will
see a big improvement. Any idea what other reasons there could be?

I also read in a forum (https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?top
ic=43824.0) that Alex Williamson is working on a QEMU patch to allow
Windows guests to use Hyper-V enlightments without Nvidia beeing able
to detect is. Is this true?. Where could I follow the development /
test it?

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