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Re: [vfio-users] 1 GB hugepages cause host crash on guest shutdown with some GPUs

On Tue, 1 Dec 2015 15:30:58 +0700 Okky Hendriansyah <okky nostratech com> wrote:

> ...
> I just noticed that your platform is a Haswell-E but you’re using a
> patched kernel. Do you still need it? Have you tried using the plain
> linux-lts kernel?

Hi Okky,

Just to add another data point. My system is also Haswell-E (i7-5820K on an
X99 motherboard) and my Win10 VM does not make it past the OVMF spash screen
with the symptomatic 100% CPU usage when the host is running linux-lts, but
boots flawlessly on linux-vfio-lts.

Oddly enough, sometimes the VM seems to be able to boot on linux-lts too,
but only once it was successfully booted on the vfio-patched kernel. Could
have something to do with some sort of initialisation of the GPU I'm passing
through (GTX 970), which is able to survive host reboots. I'm using OVMF
from the RPMs linked on the Arch Wiki and updating it regularly.

I would really prefer to use linux-lts instead of waiting for the newest
linux-vfio-lts to finish compiling each time it gets updated, but that
doesn't seem currently possible.


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