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Re: [vfio-users] OVMF + OS X El Capitan + 970 gtx passthrou gh = Success

On December 9, 2015 at 07:58:21, Andrew Morgan (andrew morgan4453 gmail com) wrote:
Afterwards, I decided to take a chance to update to OSX 10.11.2. Had to 
disable the nvda_drv=1 setting I just set to get through the 
installation after the reboot, but after that it went alright. 

I did notice after upgrading that Nvidia Web drivers were no longer 
compatible with my OS, though I suppose this makes sense since the 
update did just roll out, thus I suspect Nvidia will update it soon 
enough. This does however mean my GPU no longer works when I pass it 
through again... so that's a bit of a bummer. I'll make sure to hold out 
until nvidia does this for future OSX updates. 

Hi Andrew,

Actually I just noticed about this update after you mentioned it, I went to upgrading my MacBook Pro instead, haha Thanks for pointing about this possible issue on upgrading the Mac OS X guest. Yeah I agree with you, to hold out until NVIDIA releases their updated Web Driver as well. I usually snapshot my guest image before upgrading (like upgrading my Windows 10 to Threshold 2 last November), so can rollback if found a deadend.

As for Xcode development, I've just been using the simulator for the 
past few months, and it's been quite good at catching most of the bugs! 
Of course, one doesn't quite get the same feel for the UX using a mouse, 
but apps like fabric.io and Apple's now own TestFlight can provide ipa 
installs OTA. 

Hmm, I’m quite new in iOS development and just found out about this TestFlight, I’ll check it again. At the very least, I can still git pull and deploy from my MacBook Pro in case I want to feel the native UX on the iOS device. I also want to try feeding the Xcode with the  iOS device through NoMachine USB adapter, I don’t know whether it will be 100% compatible though. 

I'll have to try that NoMachine audio out at some point. For now it's 
not really a big deal, but I can see it being necessary when developing 
an app that outputs a noise of some kind :P 

Andrew Morgan 

Having a silent OS is not really fun actually. :D You should try it, although it’s not really seemless experience to enable it. Since I have to initiate the NoMachine client to the server in Mac OS X and have my remote desktop shown all the time. But hey, the audio worked! :D

Okky Hendriansyah

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