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Re: [vfio-users] USB passthrough failing on ovmf

On Thu, 2015-12-10 at 13:53 -0700, Will Marler wrote:
> I'm guessing this is hardware specific, and I have no useful
> information to add. I pass through a USB mouse, and it works very
> smoothly. 
> "Works for me" isn't really helpful so .. the reason I'm responding
> is that I used to pass through a USB headset, and it would work, but
> the audio would be crackly (not bad, but ultimately I decided I
> needed clear sound). I fixed this by getting a PCI USB card ($10 for
> a new 4-port USB 3.0 card on eBay), and passing the whole PCI card
> through to the guest. Perhaps, if your issue IS hardware specific,
> you could also get a PCI USB card, connect your mouse to the new PCI
> card, and still pass through just the USB mouse to the guest. It's a
> fairly inexpensive thing to try.
> Will

That is an excellent suggestion and I shall give that a try. Although I
could see possibly buying one and using PCI passthrough for that card
(since the things that would be plugged into it I only use in a VM) and
seeing if that works better.

Mark Weiman

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