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Re: [vfio-users] Successfully pass-through Quadro K420 into Windows 7 guest.

1. Yes, I mounted as primary card.

2. For me, I created XML by virt-manager on Fedora and then dump it.
After that, I copy it to Ubuntu and define it into libvirt by using virsh command. Then edit and launch VM in virsh.

2015年12月12日 下午12:08於 "Okky Hendriansyah" <okky nostratech com>寫道:
On December 11, 2015 at 13:11:32, Eddie Yen (missile0407 gmail com) wrote:
Hello guys,

These days I'm trying to use VFIO on the Dell server, But not successful.
Even use GT730 as guest, I still got blank screen, even Seabios or OVMF.

However, this time I'm try to passthrough Quadro K420 on my X79 platform, I got unexpectedly success.

In this case, I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 as Host OS, and only install latest QEMU and libvirt, I wont use virt-manager this time.

Then I use my XML profile that I make before, launch VM by using virsh. And K420 works great.

So maybe we got new chocie about low-level Quadro Series card passthrough into VM.

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for sharing this, were you passing through the Quadro as primary VGA or secondary display? 

This is probably slightly OOT, I’m intrigued in setting up with pure libvirt without virt-manager (virsh?), is there any converter that you use to migrate from pure QEMU command line? I don’t really like the way virt-manager force me to use specific location for my image storage pool, which sometimes it overrides the directory permissions.

Okky Hendriansyah

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